Health and Wellbeing Coach

Our Health and Wellbeing Coach works with people who want to take proactive steps to improve the way they manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing. They can provide sessions in person or by phone or video call.

By working with people over a number of sessions, our Health and Wellbeing Coach can support them to become active participants in their own health and wellbeing by:
• Looking at their current situation
• Discussing what they would like to achieve and why it’s important to them
• Exploring how they would like to reach their goals
• Looking at the obstacles and barriers to change and how they can be navigated
• Supporting them to plan and introduce new positive habits and behaviours
• Sharing resources and signposting to external support services

Submit an online consultation request via your practice website or contact your GP surgery reception to ask for an appointment, stating the reason why you would like to be seen the best telephone number to call you on and Suzannah will arrange an appointment.

Date published: 17th November, 2022
Date last updated: 24th July, 2023